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Reduce time-consuming manual additions to a minimum, reducing errors, workload and material loss.

It allows total freedom in the formulation of its own premix.

Number of silos according to the number of micro and macro ingredients in the formulation.

Silo size according to customer's need.

It can be manufactured in stainless or carbon steel.

Financing: More


  • Payment method: Semiannual parcels, being the first after 6 (six) months of shipment.
  • Warranty: Letter of Credit or Bank guarantee.
  • Rates: USD = libor rate / EUR = zero rate

FINANCING - BNDES (Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento)

  • Payment method: Semiannual plots, being the first after 6 (six) months of shipment.
  • Values for financing: 100% of the purchase value.
  • Interest rates applicable to the L / C: Libor Rate + BNDES Rate (variable 0.4% up to 1.35% per year).
  • Warranty: Letter of Credit.

Get know: Eliani Almeida – vendas@ferrazmaquinas.com.br

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