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  • E-mail: ferraz@ferrazmaquinas.com.br

Drying of extruded feed is used to reduce the moisture of the product that.

Dry products must have humidity between 8 and 10%.

Our dryers are built with :
-Modular system for individual drying.
-Dosage control system of cold air.
-Radiators powered by steam or burner powered by gas.

Financing: More


  • Payment method: Semiannual parcels, being the first after 6 (six) months of shipment.
  • Warranty: Letter of Credit or Bank guarantee.
  • Rates: USD = libor rate / EUR = zero rate

FINANCING - BNDES (Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento)

  • Payment method: Semiannual plots, being the first after 6 (six) months of shipment.
  • Values for financing: 100% of the purchase value.
  • Interest rates applicable to the L / C: Libor Rate + BNDES Rate (variable 0.4% up to 1.35% per year).
  • Warranty: Letter of Credit.

Get know: Eliani Almeida – vendas@ferrazmaquinas.com.br

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