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Produce at a higher quality level possible, respecting our values, and our customers, promoting socioeconomic development, satisfying employees and customers, and provide a good working environment to them.


Being a complete solution provider in the manufacture and sale of our equipment and services in the animal nutrition industry.


Customer Focus

The customer is the reason for the existence of the company, so we focus on continuous improvement always seeking not only meet, but to meet all the needs of our customers.

Human Capital

Respect and appreciation for our employees, constant learning and focus on the well being of all.


Maximizing the constant results, to ensure growth and development company over time.


Right conduct in the performance, and in all business relationships developed by the company in all scenarios and markets.


New technological and managment solutions; more efficient, fast and modern equipment, with lower energy expenditure and increased production capacity.


Best practices in the manufacture of equipment and services; use of specific tools to control and accurate monitoring of all production processes.

Environmental Responsibility

Realize improvement in their equipment to the environment in order to compensate for any damage caused in the production and operation of animal feed factories.