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In the paragraph below from an interesting article by the consultant Fernando Raizer, available on our website CLICK TO READ, we see that there is still a great difficulty in the variety of ingredients due to the lack of dosing silos in the clients' factories:


“Currently in factories, the low availability of dosing silos is a serious limiting factor for Purchasing/Logistics. The offer of an opportunity batch of an alternative ingredient faces the following response as a barrier: "We don't have a dosage silo to put this""


What many do not realize is that the fact that a mill has a greater number of dosing silos, makes the use of different raw materials more flexible and easier, and may represent an opportunity to reduce the cost of ingredients (formulation).


Ferraz offers a complete storage line, including robust dosing silos, manufactured in carbon steel or stainless steel, of varying sizes, according to the needs of each customer.